Slam texts

Samen met rapper-dichter-woordkunstenaar Eric Roncha Reyntjes droegen onze deelnemers van het project ´Stories of September´straffe teksten voor tijdens de herdenking ´Volkstrauertag´. 

Zusammen mit dem Rapper-Dichter-Wortkünstler Eric ´Roncha´ Reyntjes trugen unsere Teilnehmer des Projekts ´Stories of September´ während der Gedenkfeier ´Volkstrauertag´ beeindruckenden Texte vor.  

The Dead (by Sophie Heinig, DE)

And you are aiming
and you are shooting
and you are turning away
away, away, because you do not see us anymore

Because we are not humans, sure
‘cause our lives don’t matter
‘cause we are none of the better

We are not rich, we are not skilled
we have no impact, it’s not our blood, which is spilled
it’s money, flowing away
away, away, and we are not made of gold

No need to save us
us people, us beings, us living
who will be dead anyway
because we already are

“We are the dead, we are the dead”

if millions of people cry: “We are the dead”
a bell is screaming, one last try
for peace, just peace –
and our lives


Opinions (by Jenny Moreels, BE)

Opinions are fired by the masses
At high speed – their sound surpasses their exactness
So the bullets miss and hit the ground whenever we speak
And turn the dirt into a mist
Through which their visions drift
I can’t see or comprehend

The chaos that unsued after it commenced
The bullets shot from rifles
Contrasting with the sky
This bleak black and white scene
Finding its way on the screen
Spreading like wildfire
Sound waves travelling through the wire

Distorted and disfigured
Their voices reach into our homes
The white noise was deployed
And it was meant to destroy


Love (by Endrit Maxhuni, BE)

F*ck everybody
Me against the world, that’s a world war
These world leaders are pussies compared to me, despite their head start
Aiming for their heads ‘cause they got large body counts
Blood pouring from their brain like rain and I’ll explain why
Looking for a change in vain

My uncle’s white tee filled with red blood stains
They won’t see it ‘cause their vision is black and white
Government put Black Lives Matter and the Ku Klux Klan against each other

And they are ready for the fight
But hold on brothers, let’s unite
We’re equal man because nobody’s right
How can Some of China’s actions be justified?
Concentration camps for men?
And their women getting raped like our sisters in Iran
And we’re over here judging people because they ran away from war?

Standing in the moonlight, looking at the stars
Questioning if everything will be alright
Thinking that I came from afar

Even though the future isn’t looking bright and we’ll have a long road ahead
So let’s unite, love everybody and join the fight
Let’s fight for the world together and not against it
Isolation together and that’s splendid

We’ll reach new heights, that’s granted
Let’s love everybody so much we look enchanted
Get rid of hate and let’s love
This was the message of Easy Endrit
Hope you won’t hold a grudge against it


Whose war (by Anna Gabrielian, BE)

Isolated, scared yet fearless
He runs through the streets, looking for his mummy dearest
He gets to his house and realizes not
That his mummy dearest had just been shot

“Go back to your country”

So she gets off her bike near a corner store
She hears shouting “come here you Arab-Paki-wh*re”
She drops her bike and before she could run
They had beaten and abused her for some midnight fun

“Go back to your country”

And as I stare at these newspapers I can’t help but wonder
When these issues turn into a thunder, a storm
When did it become a norm to assume I’m here
To steal your job?

Then in my 6th form history lessons I had learned about the war
And it seemed like everything once hidden behind a door
Now spilled the truth about our human existence
Extiction?! How can I find distiction
In what was going on then and what is going on now?

Hell, it’s like we’re waiting for a show!
But when you call that lady an Arab-Paki-wh*re
Haven’t we been here before?
When we trashed Jewish stores and started war

Was it their war, or is it yours?


Thank you for your service (by Jooris Kirmeier, DE)

He enlisted 2009 said is goin’ to be fine time to shine

Mama scared ‘bout him coming home
Don’t worry I’ll be back soon

Years pass and I’m gettin’ older
praying for an angel to look over his shoulder

‘Cause Nights over there is gettin’ colder

Remember when he came back with some medals on his chest a bullet in his head
In a bodybag

Didn’t even took a look at his face
Just a number on a plate
A box in a grave
Lost faith

I Can’t sleep at night
money tight
prisoner of my own damm mind

Mama pretending to be all right but with sadness in her eyes
Talking ‘bout him comin’ home but I can
hear her crying in the living room

They keep asking why did he go ?
But you could never understand what he went through
So Thank you for your service pls let there be a purpose


Name Plate (by Yente Schildermans, BE)

1940, an English man
Saying to his family, his friends
He was leaving for France, later Japan
He went with courage
To beat his enemy

When he first got to the front
he didn’t have any knowledge
The next day it changed
cause he lost his last friend
He took his weapon full of wreakage
and killed a hundred soldiers
Just for his land

He shot, he killed, he cried
Knowing hundreds, thousands, millions of families wouldn’t see their loved ones back

Dying of emotions,
Thinking it was his fault

Cold, hunger, pain
He couldn’t handle it
Killing his brain

A few days later, it was his turn
He was promised a beautiful life,
With two kids and his wife
But now he is laying in his grave
Just a name plate, nobody remembering all the things he gave


Never again (by Roncha, BE)

Mankind is intelligent, and learned from its past
After the war it built structures for world peace to last – eternally
Through all kinds of mechanisms and stations
It started peace movements, united its nations

The baseline was evident: “Never again”
Convinced that we’d all lose, whoever would win
Years passed, wars were still being started of course
But the West was united and fought on far shores

Sent troops to Iraq, Korea and Vietnam
Produced new weapons, new bullets, new bombs
Created new allies and new enemies
Signed peace treaties, but still saw war as a remedy

From Nixon to Kennedy, Stalin to Yeltsin
The media’s telling about regimes and rebellion

But mankind is intelligent and learned from its past
We were told about the millions of Jews who’d been gassed

We teamed up in NATO, Europe started a union
All was rebuilt and wounds had been soothed

If mankind were intelligent then fascism was dead
Not one single drop would be left in some heads
We all would be safe from that danger, for light years
This would all just be history right here
This nightmare